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The Museum organization Friends of the S/S Orion


The pioneer and initiator of ‘Project S/S Orion’ is Mr Bo Thorstenson, who bought the Ship in 1987. As the Ship has a great cultural and historical value, Project S/S Orion was initiated. Through the Association a wide network of contacts has been established, which has contributed to make this historical naval project possible. The listed Steamship was nominated as being officially of historical and cultural significance by The Swedish National Maritime Museums in 2003.


The objective is that the administration of the S/S Orion will be transferred to a foundation in order to secure the future maintenance and operation of the Ship.


All members and people in general who are interested in this project are always welcome to pay a visit on board.


Would like to become a member in order to support us?

Please contact the secretary of the Association:



Welcome on board!

Bo Thorstenson, SS Orion