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The undersigned is since seven years active in the Museum Organization S/S Orion’s youth section, which cooperates with various organzations in Stockholm. Through this cooperation the ship S/S Orion constitutes a work and rehabilitation place for youth in the age group 15-25 years, in which drug and alcohol abuse is not uncommon.

Earlier I have worked 25 years as a policeman in Stockholm, during twenty of these with crime prevention youth work. Then I worked as a law and justice teacher. The work task involved touring the Stockholm schools and informing youth in the grades 3-9. The information was about laws and regulations, consequences of crime, about alcohol, narcotics and tobacco. I have earlier been working in the National Criminal Investigation Department’s narcotics section and have a wide experience in the field of drug abuse among youth. When teaching in schools I could refer to real life cases and tell about the young drug abusers who I as a policeman had encountered, and the pupils could identify themselves with them which made the information touching and trustworthy. This task seemed important to me since I believe that our society’s decision-makers take less and less responsibility for child and youth efforts. The reason I later quit work as a policeman was one of the Stockholm Police Authority’s many reorganizations, when the law and regulation education activities were transferred to the local police districts, a decision they had later reason to regret. It turned out that the policemen in the local districts did not consider themselves trained or experienced in that kind of educational work for the youth, why the activities ceased.

Hence, it is a good feeling that I now can continue to work with youth on an idealistic foundation in the Museum Organization’s management. The fact that I have a police background has been great help to me. My primary role here is to take care of and activate youth as an objective of their rehabilitation into society. To many of them I become somewhat of a father figure, a role I am glad to accept. The reality is that many have been without a father figure when they grew up. The contact established now with the youth usually does not end when their spell of duty here is completed. Continued contact is common and also important to me, since I know I can be of good help in their continued lives.

To conclude, I am convinced that the activities here will strengthen their confidence in their own abilities, thereby in a meaningful way preventing continued criminality as well as psychic and physical ill-health.

Youth activities onboard S/S Orion



Youth develop new skills with the assistance of the more experienced members of the staff.


Painting is done both exteriorly and interiorly. First rust removal, then anti-corrosive treatment and finally painting.


Sanding and polishing of brass.


Cleaning is an important part of the everyday tasks on board. Some areas as the washing room, toilets and workshops are given special care.

Gilding of ornaments
Website development

Gilding of ornaments

Onboard S/S Orion gilding of ornaments requires both accuracy and patience.

Updating and development of the website

Youth often have wide-ranging computer skills. Aboard S/S Orion they are able to update and develop the associations’ web site.

Showing visitors around

Every year the association receives about 2000 visitors from around the world. Guides are responsible for showing around the different sections of the boat and tell the visitors about its history.



Drugs are a priority discussion subject on the boat. The drug problem is taken up frequently.

S/S Orion collaborates with other organizations

S/S Orion youth activities collaborates with other organizations in the community like schools, social and council services, and non custodial care. S/S Orion has also contact with Fryshuset and Lugna gatan.